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~Good Morning~ Prussia x Reader

Prussia - Gilbert Beilschmidt

    Under normal circumstances, ___ would have slapped the man. She never really liked his perverted attitude (although, he himself was far from a pervert, he just liked to tease her). He - Gilbert Beilschmidt - had always let ___ know what he thought of her. Almost every other Country in the world knew the attraction was one-sided. The personification for Prussia (now East Germany) was in love with the personification of (your country name). She, however, had always been in a relationship when he was single, and he was always in a relationship when she was single. It was just how it was. Their timing was broken and off, and nothing could fix that. Except for last night. Last night both were single, but this morning they were anything but.
    The Prussian let out a yawn, rubbing the side of his eye. He gently stroked the side of ___'s face, his normal smirk crossing o
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~Good Morning~ China x Reader x Japan

Yao Wang and Kiku Honda

     She did not know what was more uncomfortable - being pushed up against a sleeping Yao, or being half-smothered with pillows (in an attempt to keep her from touching him) by Kiku. ___ let out an annoyed sigh, wrapping her arms around the sleeping Chinese man, cuddling up against his chest. He continued to sleep silently, moving slightly to accommodate her. There was a slight sound of someone fan girling (fan Japaning?) beside her. She turned her head slightly to see Kiku staring back, a camera in hand. ___ gave him a hard glare before smacking the camera away.
     "No pictures,' she whispered, 'No fan-girling, no wall of proper defenses, and no annoying noises. That's just for your Kiku."
     The Japanese man's face went red slightly, "B-but, ___-san, I don't want to touch you so casually,' he replied quickly, 'It's so improper...what are you
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~Good Morning~ America x Reader

United States of America - Alfred F. Jones

    She thought for sure that the American was going to send someone up to be with her. Well, he did not. Instead, he had come back up to bed and passed out beside! Alfred F. Jones was the one laying next to her. For once, she felt grateful for his selfishness. ___ wouldn't want to stuck in bed with someone like Arthur or Francis - God knows what trouble she would get in with them (Arthur was even worse than her with alcohol). Stretching out her arms, she gently removed Alfred's glasses, surprised he hadn't removed them himself. He was usually pretty careful with his glasses. She placed them on his bedside table before returning to face him.
    Perhaps, it wouldn't be too bad to sleep a little longer. Alfred's warm embrace certainly compelled her to do such. ___ curled up in the American's arms, gently wrapping her own around his body. With that, she fell
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~Good Morning~ Russia x Reader

Russia - Ivan Braginsky

    Just the sight of the man made her blood run cold. He was an intimidating man! How could she not be scared of him? Even at the best of times, he was frightening. ___ was in bed with the personification of Russia - Ivan Braginsky. He was nice enough, but he surely scared her. She shuddered, attempting to pry his arms away from her body. Even in his sleep, he was strong. She let out a squeak when he turned to face her. Ivan continued to sleep, his face flustered slightly. He was adorable when asleep - not scary at all. ___ stared for a moment, feeling her face start to get really hot. She wondered if she could escape from his grasp before the Russian woke up. That would probably be for the best. Toris and Eduard had constantly reminded her to steer clear - and she planned on it.
    Even in bed, she could tell he was tall. As if on cue, the bedroom door opened. Ivan flinched slig
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~Good Morning~ BTT x Reader

Bad Touch Trio - Gilbert Beilschmidt, Francis Bonnefoy, Antonio Fernández Carriedo
     Being friends with so many males in the school, ___ was normally dubbed as the class 'slut.' However, it wasn't that she was attracted to these boys, having intercourse with them, or even flirting. No, she was genuinely friends with them, but that was something most people didn't understand. ___ was just a friendly person, there were no sexual intentions hidden behind her mask.
     Then again, if any girl that went to her school saw her current position, they would have no problem fabricating any other rumors, no matter how false.
     Currently, she was bundled up in thick comforters and sheets wrapped around her body, keeping the cold night air away. Even in her groggy state, she could tell some idiot had opened the window - in the middle of January, at Alfred'
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~Good Morning~ Awesome Trio x Reader

Awesome Trio - Alfred F. Jones, Gilbert Beilschmidt, Matthias Køhler

     It did not matter who was holding onto her so gently, who was in her kitchen, or who was heard singing. ___ just wanted to stay in bed and sleep the day away. She could not remember a single thing from the night before except picking up one beer after the other. The sunlight streaming into her windows was the only matter that forced her from her slumber. ___ let out a groan, ready to shove whomever was holding her off. Just as her (e/c) orbs opened, and she attempted to pry his arms away, he too let out a small groan. Instead of releasing her, his hold tightened.
     "Not yet, mein schatz,' he groaned, 'You're much too warm to get up."
     ___'s face went bright red, "Ugh, Gilbert, let me go, I'm not in the mood to just cuddle. I have a big headache,' she said, 'And someone's making too big of
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~Good Morning~ Nordics x Reader

Nordics - Emil, Lukas, Matthias, Berwald, Tino

     Screaming, obnoxious laughing, choking sounds, and the sound of someone collapsing onto the floorboards was not ___'s ideal wake up call. Apparently, Alfred's idea of "keeping ___ safe from any possible perverts" was to send up his best bud, Matthias. Which meant all the other Nordic personifications would follow to keep him in key. Now, why was she woken up from screaming and laughing? Well, for some reason, Matthias was still half-drunk (not surprising, seeing he was still drinking when he had come up). He saw a small spider and lost his shit over it.
     ___ glared up at the ceiling, silently wishing she could throttle the Dane herself. She thought his God-awful screaming was terrible? Oh boy, was she in for a surprise. After Matthias sobered up a bit from screaming, he began to laugh at his own idiocy, officially waking Luka
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NordicsxReader - Avalon's surprise
Continuation of ‘NordicsxReader – Finding Avalon’ ->
For those who haven’t read the prequel, I suggest you do so; otherwise this may not make sense. Just as a reminder, the Reader is the personification of Avalon, (from the King Arthur myths/Stargate SG-1) which in this case is an island full of sorcerers.
Also, human names are used, if you get confused, the key is in the description.
The meeting had finished quicker than anyone expected it to, but that may have been due to the lack of arguments as no-one dared to argue after your spell. As you left the meeting room with the Nordics, the doorway was blocked by the five Kirkland brothers that Norway had pointed out earlier.
“Where are you going?” one of the redheads questioned, you could guess he was one of the Ireland twins from the accent.
“To find you five and Romania, I thought you had already left” you quickly answered.
“And I’m here
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NordicsxReader - Finding Avalon
Okay, for those of you unfamiliar with the myths of King Arthur, Avalon is supposed to be where Arthur's soul went after his death, from which he will be resurrected when he is needed once again. If you go by Stargate, its place that the Ancients ascend to. Same difference really, it's the area for souls of wizards, witches and great and noble people through history to collect where they are safe. (from what I know of the myths)
Now, the Reader is the personification of Avalon, an island that sits in the North Sea between England and Norway (for the purpose of the fic)as they are two magical powerbases in the Hetalia world.For the fic, it's home to witches an wizards from all over the world that haven't always died to get there, but some have been resurrected on the island.
Any questions/issues? Leave a comment if so. Other than that, enjoy the story.
You manoeuvred through the crowds that were making their way towards the crashed plane,
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